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About Advertising

Farmer Scion is a website dedicated to web designers and developers all over the world.

Advertising with Farmer Scion is a cost-effective method to promote your product or business while also promoting the open exchange of knowledge.

There are several advertising alternatives available:

Please email us at [email protected] if you’d like to advertise your product, website, or content on Relatively Interesting.

Please study the remarks below before asking to determine whether your adverts are a suitable fit for the site and its audience.

What types of advertising formats do you accept?

We now support the following ad formats:

Text Links

Contextual: Your is a word or set of words within an article/post that is linked to a website/product.

Non-Contextual Text: Your ad is a link that is not within an article (ex: on a widget, or directly on the homepage, or on the sidebar or footer).

Contextual Images: Images that appear inside the context of an article. For example, a book or product review may include a picture that connects to a site where the product may be purchased.

Non-contextual Images: Images that are put outside of the context of an article (ex: in the footer, sidebar, etc).

Sponsored Post: You submit an article, and we publish it. The article must adhere to our editorial guidelines.

We produce an article on your product or service as a sponsored post (authored by us). The article, together with its content (language and photographs), promotes the product for purchase via an external website.

Graphical Ads

Ad FormatsTime PeriodPrice Per Ad
Custom Sidebar Button (160 × 100 pixels)2 Months$150

Custom Top Banner (245 × 90 pixels)
2 Months $250

Rectangular Banner (300 × 250 pixels)
2 Months $300

Skyscraper (160 × 600 pixels)
2 Months $500

Leaderboard (728 × 90 pixels)
2 Months $900

How much do you charge?

Our charges are extremely adaptable and competitive. We do not have a self-service system at this time, so please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Prices for contextual advertisements are generally the lowest, while fees for non-contextual picture ads are the highest. For example, an image put in the site’s main sidebar (ensuring its appearance on any post) would have a greater rate than a contextual link in a single article. Rates for sponsored articles vary depending on the length of the article. Volume discounts are also available.

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