About Us

The innocent motive behind starting the blogger Farmer Scion is to lead a beautiful and prosperous life for all farming families. Farmer Scion is dedicated to providing easy and simple information about traditional, modern, ancillary occupations, animal husbandry, new technologies, agricultural news, government policies.

Being the son of a farmer, I know all his sorrows and difficulties. And being highly educated, I also know that we can take agriculture back to a new height by using modern techniques, including holistic information, proper management, marketing, and traditional.

Parents in the current situation forbid their children from farming or keep them away from it. From one point of view, they are right in their place because 80% of the world’s farmers depend on rainwater and 55% of the farmers in India alone depend on water. For this reason, their failure and financial loss keep them away from farming.

But moving away from agriculture is not the answer. We have to look at agriculture from a business perspective and nurture the same in that way. Farmer Scion will help you stay one step ahead in this race.

Farmer Scion is constantly striving to restore the status and importance lost to agriculture over time, cultivate a new approach to agriculture, and improve the economic, mental, and social conditions of farmers through agriculture.

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